What To Expect At Your Massage

While the massage experience I provide is both relaxing and therapeutic, having a massage – especially if it’s your first time – can be a little mystifying. To help put you at ease with your massage experience, these are the details you can expect on the day of your massage.

Ready for Your Massage?

Your Massage Experience

  • Parking is available behind the building, and entrance is on the side of the building, through the EZ Beauty door; this opens to a shared waiting room between my treatment space and EZ Beauty’s.
  • After showing you into the room, I will leave briefly to allow you time to undress down to your comfort level. Because gentle stretching may be a part of the session, it is recommended to keep at least either bottom undergarments on, or wear or bring athletic/knit shorts to change into.
  • Massage oil used is either jojoba oil infused with lavender oil, or a shea butter based massage cream from Rebel Massage. I use skin friendly, nontoxic products for happy clients and happy (therapist) hands.
  • During your massage, you will be covered by a sheet and a blanket. Only the body part that is being worked on will be undraped.
  • When laying face down, rest your arms wherever they are comfortable. If your arms need to be moved during your massage, I will communicate this with you, and assist as needed.
  • Because massage therapy is therapeutic in nature, Health Savings Accounts may be able to be used! Check with your specific policy. I am set up to be able to take HSA cards.
  • Additionally, a prescription for massage will waive the sales tax that normally has to be charged for a massage service.